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Well done to all of our students for their excellent participation in our NAIDOC celebration activities last term! We began the day with a smoking ceremony, performed by Awabakal Land Council elders, followed by singing and dancing performances from the Millibah students from HSPA. Students also enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities throughout the day, including traditional dance, languages, face painting, and canvas art. Thank you to Miss Chapman for organising such a great day.

Fair day

Fair Day

What a wonderful time we all had at the fair.

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

What a wonderful array of pirates we had arrive for our Kindergarten Pirate party day.

Bucaneer Bob put on an amazing show for us:

We finished with a family picnic:

Book Parade

Book Week Dress Up Day

Mini Olympics

Our Mini-Olympics was a massive success today. Well done to all of our students who showed brilliant sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Students had a great day representing their adopted countries in a huge array of sports.Congratulations to all of our athletes – you have made us so proud!
Our medal winners today-
Gold – Japan
Silver – USA
Bronze – Brazil
Our final scores are below. Check out the video of our amazing torch relay and all our photos below.

1st – Japan 488
2nd – USA 467
3rd – Brazil 457
4th – Australia 455
5th – Great Britain 449
6th – Sweden 448
7th – Jamaica 441
8th – Germany 438
9th – Canada 432
10th – France 427
11th – Kenya 418
12th – South Africa 416
13th – China 397
14th – New Zealand 372

Maths Games

Maths Games

Easter Hat Parade

Easter Hat Parade

Look at our amazing Easter hats!

And our great performance of Peter Cottontail with all of kindergarten.


Harmony Day

Harmony Day

We started the day by looking at the Japanese culture and we learnt that in Japan they have a special day that is a tradition in their culture , it is called Children’s Day. It is held on the 5th day of May every year. It is a special day when children all over Japan eat special treat food, get presents from their families and have a special dinner with the ones that love them.

In the streets the children hang very special decorations called Koinobori. These fish have beautiful scales and are special in Japan as they show the children strength and teach the children to never to give up.

We made our own Koinobori.


Our buddies came and  listened to the story “Silly Billy” with us and then they helped us make our own worry dolls.

We had a wonderful day celebrating Harmony Day 2016.


Sports Carnival


Sports Carnival

What a fantastic time we all had at the sports carnival despite the wet weather. We sat with our house colours and cheered our team members on during the running races.

Some of us received ribbons for coming first, second or third in our races. We were super fast runners!


We finished the day with tabloid activities, look at us go in the egg and spoon races.